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One thing to know about Ann Coulter is that she’s consistent. As a controversial conservative figure Coulter has been known to ruffle some feathers, and during her appearance on Fox News’ Hannity show Monday (Jan. 14), she stated that gun violence may be a racial problem.

With the topic of gun control still being raised, and having just returned from England, Coulter praised the country for not having  “diversity enthusiasm.”

She then explained why gun violence rates are lower across the pond, versus in America. In short, the answer is because there aren’t lots of non-White people causing all of the crime. “If you compare White populations we have the same murder rate as Belgium. So Perhaps it’s not a gun problem, it is a demographic problem, which liberals are the ones pushing, pushing, pushing.”

Coulter also said that banning gun magazines will do nothing to stop mass shootings, using shooter Colin Ferguson as one of her examples.  The Jamaican-born Furgeson was convicted of killing six people and injured 19 others, on the Long Island Rail Road back in 1993.

Given her Republican stance, Coulter’s views may be based on partisanship versus race. Last month, author and columnist David Satora appeared on CNN and expressed an exact opposite view than that of Coulter. “I think we should ask the question why is America 30 percent white guys, and 70 percent of the shootings in the last many decades have been at the hands of white guys … I do think it’s interesting to note that had 70 percent of mass shooters been let’s say Arab or African-American men, I think the conversation would be … much uglier,” he said

On the contrary examples of record-breaking gun violence has been prevalent in certain communities that are considered predominately filled with minorities. In the case of Chicago, much of the homicides have reportedly been concentrated to the Wesst and South sides, so while Coulter will likely not earn any news fans with her statement, the question becomes whether or not her words are true?

Feel free to weigh in, and watch the entire interview, below.

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