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Hooters is known for two things: boobs and chicken wings, but rather than not changing a good thing, the establishment has decided to adjust its reputation.

One of its Houston locations has been remodeled in order to make the digs comfortable for children and their parents.

The 20-year-old branch got a “sleek and contemporary” facelift  changes of which included a high exposed ceiling, painted ductwork, and cypress wood walls. “Hooters is exceptionally proud to reveal this design concept, reinvigorating the look and feel of our traditional restaurants without losing the essence of our iconic brand that the world has loved for 30 years,” said chief marketing officer for Hooters of America, Dave Henninger. “Hooters is turning 30 this year, so it seems only fitting to refresh and modernize our restaurants during this milestone anniversary.”

Hooters is hoping that the new look will help the chain become the “ideal environment” for customers to “kick back and relax after work, get together to watch their favorite sports team, and enjoy a delicious meal with their family.”

Over the years Hooters has had its fair share of legal issues, usually centered around its uniforms.  In 2004, more than 40 women filed suit against the company for secretly filming potential employees while undressing, in 2009 a Texas man sued Hooters for refusing to hire him as a server. In 2010 an employee took legal action after a two superiors commented that her “shirt and shorts size could use improvement,” offered her a gym membership, and said that she would be fired if a change wasn’t made within 30 days.

Click below to see photos of the Houston location, and the interior and exterior of a few (lame) Hooters restaurants.

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