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With Diddy’s reputation in ruin and his freedom seemingly in jeopardy, the man is at the very least looking to secure his financial situation. It seems hr has taken steps to ensure his bank account remains healthy (for now).

According to TMZ, the man who’s currently being referred to as “The Diddler” in certain social media circles has decided to sell off all of his shares of Revolt TV and is no longer associated with the company in any way, shape or form. The move comes after the Department Of Homeland Security raided his homes following accusations of sex trafficking, which spurred Diddy to hop on the first flight out to an undisclosed location.

While the buyer of Diddy’s shares of Revolt TV wishes to remain anonymous for now, what we are told is that the network will remain Black-owned. No number was placed on the price said owner paid to own Diddy’s piece of the pie (no Diddy).

Per TMZ:

As you know, Diddy has been inactive with the network since stepping down as Chairman last November … and his last order of business was being notified of the sale, which we’re told just went through this week. We’re told it was an amicable deal, and everyone’s happy.

Per our sources, Revolt’s CEO Detavio Samuels and Chief Brand Officer Deon Graham will remain in their current positions and assist the owner while the ink dries on the contract. Another thing … we’re told there’ll be no major changes to staffing or production for Revolt TV employees.

Our sources say that, over time, the new owner will implement their vision … but that for the time being, things will mostly remain the same as the transition occurs.

Though the new owner doesn’t want to reveal who they may be as of yet, they do plan on having a formal introduction sometime in the near future.

Watch it be Tyler Perry or someone like that.

While many assume that the move was made due to Diddy’s latest legal setback, word is that the selling of his shares was in motion well before authorities moved in on the Bad Boy HNIC and that the timing of everything is just a coincidence. Do with that information what you will.

As for when we’ll be hearing from Diddy himself regarding all these matters, well, that’s anyone’s guess at this point. But we doubt that will be happening anytime soon. But his lawyers are calling this all a “witch hunt.”

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