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The former spokesperson for right-wing figure Kyle Rittenhouse is telling all to combat bigotry – and it’s not pretty.

As Kyle Rittenhouse is trying to capitalize on his infamy after being acquitted of shooting three people at a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin to be a conservative voice, a person who was once the spokesperson for him and his family during his criminal trial is now coming forward to expose his true nature. David Hancock, a retired Navy SEAL, dropped a bombshell in a post on X, formerly Twitter on Monday (April 1), detailing how much went into remaking Rittenhouse’s image. Which included getting the middle school dropout a rushed high school diploma.

“Regarding his online high school diploma, we had to force him to complete the four years of credits in just ten months, which he did using the “Google machine,” Hancock revealed before adding how Rittenhouse also had applied to join the Marines but couldn’t even pass the basic aptitude test. As another user on X, RogerZenAF explained, “The maximum score on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery – the test to get into the military) is 99. The minimum score to join the Marine Corps is 31. Surprising absolutely no one, Kyle Rittenhouse scored “far below” the required minimum.” Rittenhouse would ultimately be barred permanently from joining the Corps after sending in a video of himself stripping an AR-15 unsolicited to recruiters.

The actions of Rittenhouse during and after his trial, who Hancock says “believes he is the show pony we created” soured Hancock about working further with him. “Instead, he squandered a full scholarship to study any subject at any university in the country to become a divisive douchebag and antagonize black Americans on college campuses,” he wrote. “Kyle failed to learn a single thing. He remains the same uneducated, arrogant, and antagonistic individual, incapable of telling the truth.” The 21-year-old was recently booed off the stage at an event at the University of Memphis held by the conservative Turning Point USA group.

Hancock would also issue an apology to one of the men Rittenhouse shot, Paul Prediger aka Gaige Grosskreutz. Prediger was at the Kenosha protests as an ACLU observer with a legal concealed carry permit and medical training, which was in contrast to Rittenhouse and his defense team’s arguments in the 2021 trial.