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Walk up and down the blocks of New York City and you’ll see some weird stuff that’ll make you say “Only In New York.” Walk up and down the block of Uptown and The Bronx and you’ll see some women that’ll make you say “Only In New York.”

Meet Marlene Mendez. She is a woman of Dominican descent that absolutely falls into the latter category. Mendez is a relatively new in Urban modeling, but with her looks and ridiculous curves, that should change pretty damn soon.

She’s already scored some pretty big publicity as she covered the second issue of the rising Spicy Magazine as well as features on websites such as Dynasty Series, GGurls and many more.

“Well, besides my looks and curves, I have a really bubbly personality. I’m open minded, charismatic, and my smile can light up Times Square,” she told TRUE magazine in a recent sit down.  “When I come on set, I give 100% into every single shot I take. I’m dedicated, energetic, and my expressions are powerful and intense.”

Check out her twitter page at and hit the jump to check out the steamy photos from Marlene.

Photos: Spicy, Dynasty Series

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