Even as the world unifies in the name of social equality there are folks who still need a serious education. Some members of the Dominican community in upper Manhattan are in denial about their roots.


This past July 30 the lifeless body of 20-year-old Bronx native Maylin Reynoso was found dead in the Harlem River. As horrific as the crime itself is, the lack of media attention around the death of the Dominican woman has equally shocked the urban community as it serves as a stark reminder about how the life of a person […]

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Following the widespread pandemonium caused by Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video, every guy in the world (and some ladies as well) are wishing Damaris Lopez could call them on her cell phone. The sexy Dominican starlet induced a knuckle-biting frenzy when she initially graced the water cooler with her presence in the visual boosted by Tanisha […]


On Hip-Hop Wired, we usually use our Wired 25 countdowns to show love to Hip-Hop culture. Today, however is Dominican Independence Day, so we’re going to do something different.

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Walk up and down the blocks of New York City and you’ll see some weird stuff that’ll make you say “Only In New York.” Walk up and down the block of Uptown and The Bronx and you’ll see some women that’ll make you say “Only In New York.”

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You know what is one of the best things about the Internet? Being one of the first to do something. Zaidy Bello is one of our firsts. 

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Yaris Sanchez was born in the Dominican Republic and we are ever so grateful that she made her way to the United States. Representing upper Manhattan’s Dyckman neighborhood, this ample bodied vixen loves the camera, and we’re appreciative of that. So of course she had to get a Bangin Candy feature. 

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We spotted Suleika when the good brothers at The Smoking Section featured her in their daily The Cooler posts. Needless to say, we were intrigued. From our research, we have found out that Suleika, sometimes referred to as “Sweet Suleika” (TRU!),  apparently is from the Dominican Republic, resides in Silver Spring, MD and measures in […]