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On Hip-Hop Wired, we usually use our Wired 25 countdowns to show love to Hip-Hop culture. Today, however is Dominican Independence Day, so we’re going to do something different.

It’s on this day that the Dominican War of Independence (known in Spanish as “la guerra por la independencia”), through which the island nation earned independence from the border nation of Haiti in 1844. Dominicans stateside and on the island have observed February 27th as a day of celebration.

Hip-Hop artists have always had an admiration for the Dominican culture. From artists like Fabolous and Juelz Santana to behind the scenes specialists like Jessy Terrero and Irv Gotti, Hip-Hop loves Dominicans.

Out of everything that the D.R. has given us, we must say that it is there women that we are most thankful for. The beautiful and curvy females are something that anybody can be appreciative of, no matter your nationality.

From actresses, models, and video vixens alike, get a look at this week’s Wired 25 of our favorite women of Dominican descent. If you know these women, you’ll appreciate them. If you didn’t know some of these women, well, you are welcome. Crack open the Brugal and disfrutar del espectáculo.

Photo: Terry Richardson

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