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Another Mother’s Day is in the books and we here over at Hip-Hop Wired hope you enjoyed yours to its fullest extent.

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Anytime a star artist wants to make a big splash for their music video, they can use a popular movie’s treatment to generate a buzz.

Hip-Hop Wired takes a moment to tip its hat to one of the freshest MCs to pick of a microphone, Kanye West. And we aren’t talking about his bars.

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Now that we know Kendrick Lamar is dropping To Pimp A Butterfly on March 23 [ed. note: it arrived a week early], the real obsessing can begin. After all, how many times has the latest Rolling Stone mag cover artist’s guest verse low key been the best verse on someone else’s whole album. With three full albums […]

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Barring any sort of miraculous reemerged from the Frozen soundtrack, Big Sean is poised the nab his first No. 1 album for his fantastic third album, Dark Sky Paradise.

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As Black History Month reaches its halfway point, we felt it best to introduce (or familiarize) you with several African-American inventors who created products we still use today. View image | Benjamin Banneker Invented: The wooden clock. Without Banneker, there would be no tick-tock, Big Ben or no reason to logical go cuckoo.

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The best videos of 2014 via the weekly Wrap Up have all been carefully handpicked and ranked to perfection.

The year-end edition of Hip-Hop Wired’s Wired 25 series continues today with the 25 Best Mixtapes/EPs Of 2014.

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With 2014 all but over, Hip-Hop Wired ushers in the holiday week with the first of many year-end lists. Prep your ears for Wired 25: The 25 Best Singles Of 2014.

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The month of October brings forth two unofficial holidays in Halloween and Sweetest Day. (Three, if you really want to count Drake’s birthday.)

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Accepting the unexpected when it comes to Hip-Hop collaboration albums can be a tough pill to swallow, especially with so much garbage dropping annually. (Gucci Mane and V-Nasty anyone?) Yet, artists with a few degrees of separation have occasionally shown us that a dope project can evolve from great chemistry in the studio.

50 cent

Earth, Wind and Fire dominated your father’s rotation but Hip-Hop music has since been the soundtrack for the season after summer.