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We’re not even a full month into 2013, but Chief Keef has been having one hell of a year. Only twelve months ago, Keef was a virtual unknown Chicago teen who would take the rap game by storm with just about everybody adding, “That’s that sh-t I don’t like,” to the end of their sentences.

The youngster, born Keith Cozart, spent next to nothing making the video for his “I Don’t Like” single, amassed millions of views on YouTube, signed a huge deal with Interscope and kept on living as if nothing had changed. But chances are that Keef didn’t think he’d go from local rapper to the poster boy for destruction.

Stories about his legal troubles have long since surpassed media clips on his music. Amid the fury Keef released “Love Sosa,” a track that earned praise from Drake, and became another Internet hit for the teen father. By December, his Finally Rich debut hit the atmosphere selling 50,000 copies in its first week. There’s no way to tell if his criminal record is having any effect (be it negative or positive) on his album sales, but controversy has been known to give artists an extra push in the popularity department.

Since it’s only January there’s still time for the 17-year-old to turn things around, but you can’t move forward without knowing where you came from.

Take a look back at some of the bad decisions that garnered Keef less than positive press, and here’s hoping that he can turn things around.

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