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Wiz Khalifa and the eternally pregnant Amber Rose made their way to Big Boy In The Morning to talk about the incoming arrival of the couple’s baby boy. 

With five weeks left in Rose’s pregnancy, the former Ford Model waddled to the popular radio show to talk about baby names and the happiness that the two share in their relationship. While they refused to reveal the baby boy’s name, Wiz did open up to Big Boy about his genuine excitement about fatherhood.

“You know what, I’m really excited and I’m happy that everyone else is excited,” Wiz told the long-time radio host. “You know, so many people and you are surprised just how unhappy they are in their situations. I can be mopping around trying to be this cool rapper or whatever but I’m really excited about being a dad.”

The O.N.I.F.C. rapper is so excited, he wants to go against the grain and throw a male baby shower, or as Big Boy calls it, a “Man Power Shower.”

“It shouldn’t be a whole night of you just partying, they have to bring gifts,” Rose said while laying down the law about the ‘power shower.'”We ain’t throwing no party for the homies, this is a real man power shower. We really bringing gifts, we playing games, we going to play the game when something is in the diaper and we got to smell it,” Big Boy added excitedly. “We going to drink like Enfamil and be like ‘Oh my God is this Enfamil or Similac what is this I’m drinking?”

Eh, whatever floats your boat guys.

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