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Ever wonder what a studio session with Snoop Dogg is like? Well, for one there’s a lot of weed smoke involved, and for Snoop and Wiz Khalifa, those head highs come with bursts of creativity.

Uncle Snoop, Khalifa, and L.A.-based production crew 1500 or Nothin’ got in the lab to blaze, and spit some bars— in that order. YG and Warren G also make appearances.

Among the tracks the Long Beach native throws around is the (soon to be classic?) “It’s All P-ssy To Me, ” featuring lyrics that only he could make interesting: “I thought she was different, but she’s just like the rest of my b-itches. The house with the picket fences. The breakfast and bakin’ the biscuits. She asked me what is this, so I proceed to tell her the business, and she said she’s with this. So I proceed to tell her…it’s all p-ssy to me.”

Pure poetry.

On another music note, the father of three’s dreams of reggae stardom may have hit a snag given the lawsuit filed against him over his forthcoming album and documentary, Reincarnated. As previously reported, Bunny Wailer— of the reggae group The Wailers—is taking legal action against the rapper for trying to profit off the ” Rastafari Community’s personalities and symbolism.”

Get into the video of Snoop & Co. below.

Photo: AP

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