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A drunk woman in New Orleans learned a valuable lesson about busting into a live broadcast, recently. Reporter Jessica Sanchez of  local news station WKMG-Channel 6 was doing a broadcast on the Super Bowl coming to the Louisiana city, and decided to have a little fun with a drunk woman on Bourbon Street.

The woman— who reps for the San Francisco 49ers— cuts Sanchez off during the address, at which point she turns to include her in the shot. “We were just talking about, here on Bourbon Street, the STD rate going on here,” she says.

Now, at this point the woman should’ve walked away, but drinking has been known to impair common sense, so she stuck around for the public humiliation. “So how long have you had an STD?”


“I don’t have an STD,” she replies, stunned—and possibly wondering if her true health status has been put on  blast. “Are you serious? I don’t have an STD. That is so disrespectful, oh my God!”

Sanchez, who usually does traffic reports, was clearly annoyed by all the drunk people interrupting her broadcasts, but that’s the risk you take when you’re on Bourbon Street.

Check out the video below.

Photo: YouTube