Former South Carolina Republican Party director Todd Kincannon has come under fire for making a racist, and insensitive joke about Trayvon Martin. The self-proclaimed “Honey Badger of American Politicos” tweeted the racist quip about Martin during the Super Bowl.

Kincannon reportedly wrote “This Super Bowl sucks more d-ck than adult Trayvon Martin would for drug money.”


From the website Addicting Info:

I don’t know if it’s the south, the Republican party, or just the kind of bottom-feeders that bottom-feeder Todd Kincannon attracts, but the vile insensitivity toward Trayvon Martin and his family becomes a theme for this cabal of hyenas…and old instigator Todd appears to be right in there swinging with the worst of them.

Is it really Todd Kincannon of GOP South Carolina notoriety? Has he been hacked? You tell me. The picture is Todd and the 140-character blurb reflects the same information on both pages; if the Tweet isn’t his, he’d be a flaming idiot not to know about it and comment in horrified rebuke. But no…his responses indicate his collusion – which confirms he is a flaming idiot.

Which brings me to my ultimate point. We live in a country populated by some crass, hate-filled people who have a “missing chip” when it comes to the higher-toned concepts of peace, love and understanding. And I don’t mean to harp, but when the Republican party cries out that they’re being unfairly tarnished with the brush of racism, it’s examples like Todd Kincannon and his “followers” who make clear the brush is squarely and accurately aimed. It sickens the larger slice of the American public who do have a conscience and sense of humanity, but based on the slathering, teeth-gnashing tweets and retweets to Kincannon’s heinous remark, it’s clear we’re a country still poisoned by the toxic amongst us.

 Kincannon used the incident to bask in the glory of his exercise in freedom of speech, and fended off hate determined to have come from the “left” or “liberal” side of the spectrum. “I think it is funny to make jokes that enlighten people on political problems,” he said in an interview, explaining that his goal “sometimes is to offend people, to teach a lesson.”

Martin was gunned down last February, today would’ve been his 18th birthday.



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