Your words are forever when it comes to social media. An online personality had life come at her very fast when her bigot flavored rants from years past were uncovered.

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Rappers stay guilty of trolling, but nothing takes the cake like Mack Maine’s latest plea for Justin Bieber’s usage of the N-word.

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Former South Carolina Republican Party director Todd Kincannon has come under fire for making a racist, and insensitive joke about Trayvon Martin. The self-proclaimed “Honey Badger of American Politicos” tweeted the racist quip about Martin during the Super Bowl. Kincannon reportedly wrote “This Super Bowl sucks more d-ck than adult Trayvon Martin would for drug money.”

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In his more than 50-year career, comedian Don Rickles has been known to inject racism into his set, and his latest quip targeted President Obama. The 86-year-old was on hand to honor actress, Shirley MacLaine, at the AFI Life Achievement Awards, Thursday (June 7), where he used the platform to test a tasteless joke about the […]