Eve returned to the scene with a few freestyles and a new single, titled “She Bad Bad,” but has somehow neglected to give any full disclosure about her lengthy absence. That is until now. Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club got the former Ruff Ryders First lady to spill the beans about her personal life, what 2013 Eve will sound like, and more in a recent interview.

The “Pitbull In A Skirt” explained that her hiatus wasn’t a full departure from Hip-Hop, and that she’d actually been “performing all over the world.” For a while now, the business side of Eve’s career has impeded her from making a full return.

“I’ve been wanting to come back. It’s just [that] the situation hasn’t been right,” said the Philly MC. “Meaning my situation as far as label stuff, management, lawyers, literally the whole situation. And now it’s the right situation. I know it’s been a minute, but I miss my music. My music is my first love, and I feel like I still have sh-t to say.”

Eve’s creativity remains in tact, but she admits that she’s treating Lip Lock like a newcomer due to the learning curve of creating the project. “I feel like a new artist honestly,” says Eve who exclaimed “When I came out, it was Internet, but it was barely Myspace.”

Today, developing a digital presence and aligning yourself with peers are an integral part of success in Hip-Hop. Eve’s yet to master getting the “computers putin’,” but she’s reached out to a few female MC’s she enjoys for the project.

Funny enough, Azealia Banks is one artist in particular who denied Eve’s offer to collaborate. “I think she might have been one of the ones that was like ‘I think I’m busy,'” according to the very understanding Eve. The Breakfast Club, on the other hand, weren’t so enthused about Banks’ unwillingness to collab.

Hear E-V-E talk more in depth below.

Photo: Power 105.1

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