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Since the early days of Hip Hop, the DJ has been known to be the factor in breaking new records for the masses and establishing the foundation for what music should and should not be showcased.

This day and age, the DJ has transformed into an engine that drives what the crowd wants and is barely ever the leader of the pack as some are only following to what is deemed as being hot.

The issue might now be facing DJ Enuff from Hot 97 as he is now coming to question why he is not giving rapper Jay Electronica the proper promotion for his latest offering “Exhibit C.”

Enuff recently hit Twitter to air out some of his grievances as he seems to be looking in the mirror and placing his own morals on the line.

I’m listening to Jay Electronica’s latest tune Exhibit C Produced by Just Blaze.  It is so good.  I think its lyrical and the production is solid.  Reminds me of some early Nas stuff, Then I ask my self: Why is it not spinning on the radio?  At least during my time slot?  Is it because there’s no dance tied to it?  Is it because it’s not yet on BET’s Top Ten Countdown?  Does it have to be a Club Banger?  The radio isn’t a club.  So why not Good solid Hip Hop?  I have it on my website.  I battle myself all the time when it comes to the radio.  The job I love so much.  I could make it the Heavy Hitter Pick of the week with no problem.  Then what?  I need HELP with this one.  Any Suggestions Re: Real Hip Hop is Fading.

Questioning such a thing seems to question his own integrity as a DJ.  Why seek guidance for something that he already knows is a hot song?  What would be the point in following suit when there is a possibility that him exposing the track could serve as an outlet to further expose Electronica and his craft.

Listen to the track here and decide if it should get spin on radio:

Exhibit C:

And why not, here’s Exhibit A: