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Nicki Minaj came to the rescue of many lonely people on Valentine’s Day today.  

Shortly after French Montana‘s new single “Freaks” hit iTunes, the judge of American Idol took to Twitter to show love to the lonely men on the lover’s day.

“Happy Vag Day boys. Jerk responsibly,” she tweeted before announcing that the song was available on iTunes.

Twitter exploded when she let the pictures loose, and she has been a trending topic on the social media network. Nicki recently tweeted a few days ago that when she did join the social network, Instagram, her first pictures would be a full on back shot. She wasn’t kidding. Although her Instagram page isn’t up and running yet, she did let the pictures go. No red-blooded American male is complaining at all.

Just because we love you so much, we included some extra booty shots of Nicki down after the jump. Don’t know what more else to say here, there are Nicki cakes waiting for you after this slide but you are still reading this. What are you waiting for? Go.

Photo: OK!  Twitter, SSX, King, Flynet

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