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Today is Cash Money CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams‘ 44th birthday. The businessman, rapper and trendsetter is responsible for making a significant imprint on the culture.

Was it through running one of the most successful record labels in Hip-Hop history? Was it being one of the most influential people in the history of the New Orleans music scene? Was it signing Lil’ Wayne Drake and Nicki Minaj? Of course, not.

What we will all remember Birdman for is introducing the immortal “Birdman Handrub” into the game. The international sign of scheming and getting money has been attributed to the #1 Stunna.

“So many people ask me about it but honestly I don’t know. s**t just became a habit,” Birdman told Complex last year when explaining the gesture. “But my palms do itch a lot, I swear they do. So I got tired of scratching them and just went to rubbing my hands. They itch a lot, man. So I just got tired of scratching them and just went to rubbing my hands. But it just became a habit and it’s like I’m known for the s**t. I’m like “Damn, I’m doing this s**t that much that people are recognizing it? But then I found myself doing it so now I’m like, f**k it, I’m going to keep doing it.”

In celebration of his birthday, check out some of the best GIFs of Stunna rubbing his hands together. It’s all about that mula, playboy. Hit the jump.

Photo: YouTube

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