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A new website called “Republicans for Rape” is using humor to tackle an issue that is no laughing matter.

Responding to the hoopla surrounding Senator Al Franken’s “anti-rape” amendment in the senate defense bill, the GOP backed sight uses parody to make light of the serious instances of sexual assault and rape that are found in defense contractor companies such as Blackwater and Haliburton.

Senator Franken, a Democrat, is proposing that all defense contract be withheld from companies that refuse to allow their employees to take action against battery, sexual assault, and discrimination in the work place.

Left-wingers were heated after Republicans called for an end to all financial funding to ACORN after a video surfaced of an ACORN employee giving tax-evasion advice to a fake pimp surfaced on the internet which seemingly, publicly displaying a double standard held by the party of the conservative, whom was dealing with its ties to Blackwater and Haliburton.

Both companies receive federal monies in spite of being involved in numerous instance of unsavory business practices and sexual escapades.

Jamie Leigh Jones, a former Haliburton employee, was the first person to publicly accuse Haliburton of covering up her rape as well as the rape of several others.

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