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The Republican Party once again is sowing seeds of dissent after fighting an article that mentioned a cookware purchase made by Vice President Kamala Harris, and Twitter is getting the weak attempt at a dig out of here.

It should be noted that many prominent GOP elected officials are holding the party line by keeping mum on Trump's failing political Hail Mary to stay in office.

On the heels of a pair of reports, two people have been linked to the campaign while also active in the GOP, with one of the persons named revealed to be connected to Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, also a Republican.

The political action committee, led by George Conway, the husband of Kellyanne Conway, slams the former business mogul and makes mention of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox News contributor and political strategist Donna Brazile is known for her no holds bar approach to politics, so after she made remarks about co-anchor’s political stance—viewers knew that she wasn’t going to fall back.

The Grand Old Party is back to their old tricks again. They were caught using their Photoshop skills for not so nice purposes.

Incumbent congresswoman and GOP member Rep. Mia Love of Utah was locked in a tight race against Democrat hopeful Ben McAdams that has been boiling over since Election Day earlier this month. In her concession speech, Congresswoman Love slammed her fellow Republican, President Donald Trump, this after he took a jab at her for not […]

A Black woman on Twitter pretended to be a member of the Republican Party and proudly touted a MAGA hat online to show her solidarity with other Black folks walking away from the Democratic Party. It has since come out that the whole post was nothing but a troll scam, with the woman collecting $150,000 […]

Andrew Gillum is in the midst of celebrating a historic moment in Florida‘s political history after he became the state’s first Black candidate for governor for the Democratic Party. His Republican Party rival Ron DeSantis took a swipe at Gillum that will probably be framed as inadvertent after urging state voters to not “monkey this […]

It is one of the toughest pills to swallow but the current political times have many wishing for days of old when President Barack Obama was in the Oval Office. Since that won’t happen, the former Commander-In-Chief offered some tough love to members of his party at a California DNC fundraiser.

Obamacare, that scary and looming beast the Republican Party has tried for seven years to best, is now under process for repeal. The GOP’s new plan, which is known as the American Health Care Act, didn’t exactly spark a series of celebrations and instead was the target of a number of memes after the plan […]

Louisiana Republican official Mike Yenni admitted last week that he carried on a sexting relationship with a 17-year-old boy, but claims that he isn’t gay or had contact with the teen. Yenni, a Parish President in the state, came forth to clear his name after the teen, now 19, shared details about their encounters in […]