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It is one of the toughest pills to swallow but the current political times have many wishing for days of old when President Barack Obama was in the Oval Office. Since that won’t happen, the former Commander-In-Chief offered some tough love to members of his party at a California DNC fundraiser.

CNN Politics reports:

Obama peppered his 45-minute appearance with subtle knocks for despondent Democrats, warning that it is not enough to lament Donald Trump’s presidency or complain about the impact he is having on the country. Instead, a tie-less and visibly relaxed Obama urged Democrats to back up those concerns with action and avoid the belief that the party is bound to defeat Republicans in November.

“If what you are doing requires no sacrifice at all, then you can do more,” Obama told the tony crowd at a sweeping multi-million-dollar Beverly Hills home. “If you are one of these folks who is watching cable news at your cocktail parties with your friends and you are saying ‘civilization is collapsing’ and you are nervous and worried, but that is not where you are putting all your time, energy and money, then either you don’t actually think civilization is collapsing … or you are not pushing yourself hard enough and I would push harder.”

At one point, he turned to the crowd and declared, “Enough moping, this is a mope-free zone.”

The outlet added in its reporting that Christina Aguilera was also a guest at the event, with Obama using that fact to note that politics is more about the glitz and glamour and about doing work at the polls and in the community.