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Not sure if “Big Willy” knows about this, but his brother-in-law has been slangin’ nose candy— or trying to.  Dee Lawrence Downs was busted last month during a coke sting. He was charged with attempted possession with intent to sell five kilos or more of drugs.

Downs apparently flew from Philly to Miami to handle the business transaction. He arrived at the meeting location and was driven to Latin Bohemia Grill in Coral Gables, Fla.

It was there that Downs negotiated locking down a steady  supplier, expressing his need to find someone to move the drugs monthly. He also claimed to have sources back home that could move the “product” quickly.

Agreeing on a rate of $26,5000 per kilo in addition to a $1,500 transportation fee. Downs went back to his home city to wire the $7,500 to the suppliers, the per-kilo amount needed to move the substance.

On Jan. 17th he met back up with the phony dealers bringing along a black suitcase filled with cash (just like they do in the movies), only he didn’t get drugs. He got arrested instead.

The “dealers” were actually DEA agents, and took Downs into custody.

Indicted on Feb. 13, Downs pleaded not guilty to the felony charge hanging over his head, and was released on $100,000 bail, yesterday.

The 49-year-old  is married to Smith’s sister and has a history of criminal activity. He is due back in court April 15.


Photo: AP

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