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Sometimes you just need to get some stuff of your chest. Kanye West has been all up in his feelings over his last couple of shows, and kept the train moving during a stop in Paris tonight, in which another rant was born.

To be fair, Ye has been known to speak his mind during performances, so his extended commentary should come as no surprise. Nonetheless, his show at Le Zenith delved into another shaky recording filled with audience confusion and awe. As he did the other night, during “Clique” Yeezy took the time to relieve himself—of his thoughts.

Proclaiming to be a “real N***a in Paris,” Kim Kardashian’s man spoke about being the best, lashed out at the media for dropping “crazy a** quotes,” and likened himself to Picasso, Michael Angelo, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and more. “This music sh-t? Please,” Ye said before entering a “call-and-response” session. “No muthaf-ckin awards, no sponsorship, and none of that sh-t that can stop the dedication to bringing ya’ll that real sh-t. Cuz we don’t give a f-ck unless it’s the real sh-t, and everything else can suck my d-ck.”

But of of course the show wasn’t all talk. Near the end of the clip the Chicago native jumps into a very enthusiastic performance of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like.” Chances are the entire show was just as exciting.

Get into the teachings of Mr. West below.

Photo: YouTube