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A news story about a public figure getting popped for bad behavior is nothing new, but if there were a prize for craziest mug shot, Desmond Bryant would definitely win—or at least take second place. The defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders was arrested for misdemeanor criminal mischief Sunday (Feb. 24) , and the photo taken in jail isn’t helping his image. Not even  a little bit.

As pointed out by the Los Angeles Times, the timing of the 27-year-old’s legal blunder is unfortunate since his contract is up March 12, and nobody wants to hire the guy who can get that twisted in one sitting.

According to police, Bryant was “extremely intoxicated,” when he was arrested for causing a ruckus at a neighbor’s home. He also reportedly had “blood-shot” eyes, slurred speech, and the “strong smell of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath.” Police held the Harvard alum on $1,000 bond.

But let’s get back to this mug shot real quick.

Seriously, what in the name of all  that is holy has entered this man’s body?  And how much alcohol does one have to drink before they end up looking like this? And why isn’t this photo slapped on the side of liquor bottles as a warning of how too many drinks can cause things to spiral out of control?

We’ll probably never know the answer to these questions, but to you Mr. Bryant, we have a request: Sir, please take a long, hard, look at the man in the mug shot, and ask him to change his ways.

Click below to see the mug shot from two angles.

Photo: Miami Dade Police

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