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Depending on who you ask, Jay-Z is arguably the greatest rapper to ever live. Hova’s combination of longevity, mass appeal and lyrical talent has put him in a rare air that no rapper past or present has come close to.

The God MC might be doing tours with pop stars, marrying R&B Divas, and becoming part owner of NBA teams; but what gives Hova his clout amongst all of the extracurricular activity is that Jigga is just simply better than everyone else.

Hova once rapped that he can make four more albums off of memory, and we could never get rid of him. He was sort of right. Some of Hov’s best work is stuff that never even landed on actual albums.

Mixtape cuts, freestyles, and just plain ol’ freebies are amongst some of the biggest Jay-Z fans favorite records. This week’s Wired 25 takes a look at some of the best of Jay-Z’s unreleased material. It was over ten years ago that Jay-Z released his last mixtape, The S. Carter Collection, but every now and then Jigga will pop up and toss out a song just for the sport of it. We hope he never stops.

Check out the countdown of Jay-Z 25 best freebies in this week’s Wired 25.

Photo: Rolling Stone

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