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Quick, name all the members of Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch not named Marky Mark. We’ll wait.

Don’t feel bad.

Anyway,  two of the members are looking to reunite with the rapper turned AQUAhydrate promoter and actor. For real. 

Reports TMZ:

Just a few days ago, 41-year-old Mark reportedly told a UK magazine he “might” get the old band back together … but, “I’ve just got to find the right time.”

Now, 2 of the Bunch’s former members — Terry Yancey (aka DJ T) and Hector Barros (aka “The Booty Inspector”) — tell us … “Our initial reaction was that it would be amazing if he were to want to reunite with the group.”

So far, the guys say there have not been any official conversations between the two sides … but tell us a reunion has been something they’ve been thinking about for years.

“We always had the want of getting back together as a group (Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch). But once Mark’s acting career took off it became obvious it wasn’t going to happen.” 

The guys say they reached out to Marky Mark in 2008, but he respectfully declined — “He expressed that he would love to be on tour doing music again, but he felt he was too far removed from it.”

First off, it’s 2013 and using the name “The Booty Inspector” just isn’t going to fly. No shots.

Interestingly, the story also mentions that the Funky Bunch still performs to this day. Who knew?

Holla in the comments if you’ve been to a Funky Bunch concert and let us know if you’re hoping this reunion happens. Seriously, no shade.

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