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With several states in the nation relaxing their stance on the possession charges surrounding the “green leaf,” Maryland may be next in adding on to that short list. The State Senate voted and passed a bill earlier today (March 19) that would decriminalize those found to have small amounts of the narcotic, reports Washington’s NBC News4.

Under the new law, any person stopped and found with no more than 10 grams will be slapped with a citation and $100 fine. Currently, many counties in the state maintain a “no tolerance” policy and even the smallest amounts of the drug will land individuals a serious charge.  The Senate voted 30-16 in favor of the bill, with some notable Republican support.

Republican Senator Nancy Jacobs says her husband suffers from cancer and told News4 that the new law would enable her to purchase small amounts of the drug without fear of retribution. The law, however, does not relate to the possession of medicinal bud but there is a bill hoping to pass through lawmakers’ hands this year. The last of three related bills would call for the complete decriminalization for possession of the sticky stuff.

The bill still has to face approval in the House, but it is expected to pass, even with some opposition.