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An angry man attempted to rush the podium during an address given by the mayor of Kansas City, Tuesday (March 19), and was promptly taken down. Mayor Sly James was about to give his state of the city speech at the Gem Theater, when he was interrupted by the man, who pushed his way to  the mic.

He got a few mumbles out, before security tackled him to the ground. He was moved behind the stage, before being cuffed and taken to jail.

Police Chief Darryl Forte said that the unarmed man mentioned “my brother” during his ill-fated rant, and was not targeting James. However, the video shows him pretty much discrediting they mayor’s statements. “This man got through talking about exactly what the f-ck he ain’t been god-damn did,” he screamed, before getting hemmed up.

James returned to the mic  and stated the obvious: “Well, that was unfortunate,” he said, before launching into the speech.

Following his address, James expressed sympathy for whatever issues the man may have been going through. “I wondered what set that off and what he was trying to say. I was a little surprised that when he came up there, as vociferous as he was, he never actually did anything to me. I was trying to figure out what was the purpose.”

The incident is not expected to bring about a change in security measures, since bodyguards were able to act so quickly. “This mayor in particular and this council really believes in open access to the citizens,” said Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Circo. “Rarely is it physical action. We have to remember this is rare. It’s unfortunate, and it’s rare.”

View video of the tackle below.

Photo: Kansas City Star

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