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Danny Brown may be the most unabashed rapper in the game, especially when mentioning his affinity for illegal substances. “Kush Coma, his latest drug opus, is sonically more reminiscent to a bad acid trip than your typical smoker’s anthem.

The final product, in this case, isn’t the least bit disappointing as Brown raps perhaps as good as he ever has over ambient synths and filthy 808 drums. The “Hottest MC” lyricist spits with an awe inspiring dexterity, displaying his wit and breath control in what he describes as a “blunt after blunt” rotation.

As impressive as Brown’s presence is on the jam, it still doesn’t overshadow the production. Credit that to Skywlkr, who took the trap sound to another level by layering an otherwise true to the formula beat with eerie chords.

It’s unclear as to where “Kush Coma” will land, but it’s our guess that it may be housed on Brown’s forthcoming album OLD. Fans will have to wait until August, when the project is estimated to release. Hear “Kush Coma” in the mean time below.

Photo: Charttrack