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Giving the classic adage “lead by example” new meaning, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey took the street after learning that a citizen in his fair city was in need Of assistance.

Booker was alerted to the plight of a 65-year-old man that was unable to leave his home due to an unbelievable amount of snow that blocked his drive and walkway after the senior man’s daughter, know on Twitter as Ravie Rave, requested assistance for her father.

@CoryBooker  Can u send someone over 2 my dad’s? He’s going to try and shovel . He’s 65.

will do it myself where does he live? RT @BigSixxRaven Can u send someone over 2 my dad’s? He’s going 2 try & shovel. he’s 65

Booker arrived at the senior man’s residence twenty minutes later and, with the help of volunteers, promptly cleared his driveway.

A politician actually helping a member of his constituency, now that is “change you can believe in!”

Peep this video of Mayor Booker helping another constituent clear their driveway