Regardless of the seemingly countless naysayers against the LHH franchise, it’s clear that a whole lot of people are still watching the VH1 series. It been said that LHH New York was a disappointment this season but Scott-Young maintains that it still managed to garner better numbers than last season and it remains the number one show on the cable network.

The upcoming second season of LHHATL should prove to be even bigger than it was last year according to the Monami Entertainment founder. “Atlanta was an anomaly. It was lightning in a bottle,” she shares, grinning. “Last season I was like, this is incredible, crazy, outrageous, over the top, what could they possibly do to top this? This season is better than last. It’s amazing.”

“Part of the popularity and the way the show resonates is that people don’t wanna admit that they see a little bit of themselves in the crazy and the ratchet,” she adds with a laugh. “I know sometimes I watch like, ‘Okay, I probably would’ve done the same thing.’”

“What happens when you’re on the tail end, as the subject of someone else’s story?”

Now that the LHH has taken off, Scott-Young is moving into new territory with her series The Gossip Game. She credits the concept to Tone Boots of District Media who took the idea to the network and just needed some assistance getting it up and running. “I kinda felt like the Fixer, a little Olivia Pope-ish,” she reveals, smiling. “They brought me in to help cast the show, develop the concept and bring it all to fruition.”

The series will showcase the lives of seven women in New York City, including Angela Yee of Power 105 and The Source’ s Editor-in-Chief Kim Osorio. The idea was built on highlighting how these women balance work and family and navigate their career through different mediums.



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