The Gossip Game is sure to be a bit more grounded than what Scott-Young has become known for putting on camera. In fact, she said she’s had to pull Yee from her shell as the cameras followed her around. The producer seems most proud of the idea that the series will represent a whole other side of Hip-Hop. But what, if anything, will it do for Hip-Hop journalism?

“I think people will get a sense of what the relationship is,” she states, “To get the story first, a lot of times you have to rely on your relationship with the artist, you have to be able to get them on the phone and not relying on your editor to set up an interview. Sometimes you have to be able to hustle and maneuver, show up at the right club at the right time and you’ll get that story.”

“We start to get into that,” she adds, “But another interesting thing is that we came across was, what happens when you’re on the tail end, as the subject of someone else’s story?”

Scott-Young is all about telling stories as she divulges a few details surrounding her upcoming ventures. She’s working on a new series for Bravo entitled Taking Atlanta, then there’s the scripted series she’s developing as well as a film, The Promise Keeper. Her new Moscato, MYX, is on shelves in the Northeast and the producer is still looking forward to what’s next.

“I hopefully can make as much of an indelible mark as I did in music,” she says with a smile. “Because I’d like to think that I did a little something there. If I can do that same thing in television and continue to move into different areas, wherever my passion leads me to explore, then I’m building a legacy that my kids can look back on and say, ‘Yeah, Mommy did that.’”

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