Kid Cudi made news this week after announcing on Tuesday (April 2) that he was leaving Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label. With a new album, INDICUD, set to drop later this month, fans are wondering what the 29-year-old Cleveland native will be embarking upon next. For starters, the lonely stoner said in an interview that he intends to focus energy on his Wicked Awesome record label. 

Sitting down with Rikki Martinez of Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood show, more audio has been released with Cudi speaking on promoting artist and fellow Ohio native King Chip (formerly known as Chip Tha Ripper) and using his Wicked Awesome label to work on creative ideas.

“Wicked Awesome was there officially when I did WZRD,” explained Cudi. “That was the first project I did on Wicked Awesome. It was an outlet to branch out on my own and creatively and business-wise take things to a different space for me.”

Cudder didn’t limit his label and brand to just music, expressing he may delve into films  and television shows. He has the chops, after appearing in HBO’s now-defunct series How To Make It. Cudi also hopes his label inspires others and that he wants to give King Chip a bit more shine as well.

Check out this portion of the Power 106 interview below.

Photo: Power 106