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50 Cent’s former right hand man turned nemesis  Bang’ Em Smurf has responded to Young Buck mentioning his name on the G-Unit diss track “Steroids.”  As previously reported, Buck went in on his boss and his old crew on the blasphemous cut.

On the track, Buck states, “Bang’ Em Smurf I fu&% with you but I don’t owe you nothing/  Just stick to letting the world know that 50 stunting/  The call he recorded and he got you deported, 50 just enjoyed,  the next day ignored it.”

Speaking exclusively with Hip-Hop Wired, Smurf addressed the situation.

“I got the calls and all that talking about Young Buck said my name talking about he don’t owe me Shyte or whatever. I don’t got no problem with Buck because when I left… me and Buck, we had a close relationship. I see he still trying to do his thing, but now people are going to see the other side of [50 Cent] I was trying to bring to the light since ’03, ‘04.

Now the world is starting to see. I kind of like did my job already. I’m back up and he’s coming back down. I did my job. The thing I would say to 50 is thank you very much ‘cause he got me in the position I’m in right now. Life is like chess. He made a few stupid moves to put me right back on. So I thank him for that.”

Bang ‘Em Smurf also addressed the talk that 50 Cent got him deported to his native Trinidad.  The former G-Unit Capo added,

“I won’t say he got me deported but I would say that he had some words in that. It kind of came up ‘cause he was doing a lot of breezy shi* from when I was locked up and calling up my attorneys and doing all kind of fa**ot, blackballing Shyte, but he had a part of that. And I had a part of that because of the act that I committed.”

Staying busy, Bang ‘Em is readying projects for his label Feed The Wolves through IMG/ Universal and will also be working with another 50 Cent nemesis, Rick Ross, to put out a project from  Young Dice  (taken from “City Of God”).  Smurf is also developing a movie based on his life.