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With so many artists using Twitter as a medium of promotion it makes sense that the company launch a music app. Twitter made the iPhone application available to the public today, after testing it out with celebrities first.

TheTwitter #Music app — available only in the  U.S., U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand–  gives users playlist suggestions based on who they follow.

From ABC News:

The app is centered around four pages or tabs, which you can swipe through to access.

The Popular page shows you new music that’s trending across Twitter while the Emerging tab shows “hidden talent found in tweets.” While those two parts feed you information about what the collective Twitterverse is jamming to, the last two focus on who you follow and your personal music taste.

The Suggested tab shows artists you might like based on the artists you follow on the service and who they follow. And finally the #NowPlaying tab shows songs your friends are listening to or tweeting about. For instance, if your friend tweets that they are listening to a song by Justin Bieber, that song will show up on that page.

The iPhone app, which “Good Morning America” got an exclusive early look at, has a slick and polished design. All the pages have a grid made up of artists and songs; tap one of those and the song will start playing along with a fun spinning CD animation in the bottom left corner. Tap on that and you get an enlarged CD — you can drag your finger around the CD to fast forward or rewind within that song.

This latest development is another step in the company widening its social media sharing options.

An android Twtter #Music app has not yet been announced.

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