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Chief Keef just may never learn. The Chicago rapper took to Instagram to share a pic of him pointing at gun at the camera. Also, this man needs some lotion [II].

Besides pointing what looks like a 9mm, as well as his ashy as hell knuckles, at the camera. Sosa also recently shared his usual trapping, wads of cash, more of his boys showing off guns and assaults rifles and, of course, his precious baby daughter.

Nevertheless, the controversy magnet revealed that he does have some culture, sharing a photo of himself and his A&R man in front of the Eiffel Tower. He recently revealed that he traveled to Paris to record with Kanye West. “On my way! To paris Wit @kanyewest #Squad,” he tweeted on April 14. So it goes without saying that Keef has been sharing scenes from his trip, including fascinating captions like, “#Ni–asInParisGettinHigh.”

The “I Don’t Like” rapper is off probation so brandishing the weapons may not be illegal. But it’s definitely in poor taste considering that it was an interview at a gun range that got him sent back to a juvenile detention center.

Sosa’s Bang Pt. 2: The Mixtape is due out soon. Check out the pics in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram

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