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A former truck driver’s assistant is believed to be dead after being missing for months.

Abraham Shakespeare, who won $30 million from the Florida lottery after purchasing a lucky ticket mere minutes after giving a homeless man $3, was reported missing last November and is feared by local law enforcement to have been murdered.

Officials believe that Donegan Moore, also known as “Dee-Dee,” was the last person to see the lucky man alive.

“There are a lot of odd and bizarre circumstances in this case,” remarked Sheriff Grady Judd to local media outlets. “We fear and are preparing for the worst. We’re working this case as it were a homicide.”

Shakespeare allowed Moore to serve as his make-shift financial planner after he purchased a Rolex, new car, and $1 million dollar residence in a gated community.

An investigation into whether Moore played a part in the mysterious disappearance revealed that she helped him “disappear” but now wants him to return due to increased pressure on her by law enforcement.

Moore served a year on probation after lying to police about being raped and carjacked nine years ago in a cockamamie designed to allow for the reimbursement of her “losses.”

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