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A 36-year-old man is sitting in jail after committing a crime that can only be described as  reprehensible!

Steve McClairin was charged with a myriad of criminal charges including two counts of endangering children, kidnapping, felonious assault, and domestic violence after local authorities were told that he forcefully placed his daughter into a clothes dryer.

McClairin’s daughter, only seven years of age, suffers from a condition that has stunted her growth; she stands at a mere three feet tall.

“Why any individual would place any human being or any animal or anything in a dryer is unexplainable,” said first assistant to Cuyahoga County’s Prosecutor Bill Mason, Mike O’Malley. “If you’re capable of putting your child in a clothes dryer you’re probably capable of a lot of horrible things.”

The Cleveland man remains behind bars while awaiting pre-trial, currently scheduled for January 12th, on $250,000 bond.

He faces up to 33 years in prison if found guilty on all charges.

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