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Hip-Hop has always been labelled as a genre that’s more hom0phobic than most. Nevertheless, lately plenty of rappers seem to have become more liberal with their s-xuality or at least their expression of such via their clothing. Whether you blame Kanye West or not, a number of reputable MC’s have been seen rocking clothing easily found in your favorite clothing store’s women’s fashion department.

For those of you quick to say, ‘Hey, those are kilts, man.” They very well may be. However, kilts are the traditional attire of Scottish men. Last we checked, none of these rappers here (we’re looking at you 3 Stacks) are of Scottish descent. Thus, that kilt is a skirt, sir.

Besides, you still gotta explain Cee Lo Green in a frikkin’ wedding dress. Once the realm of eccentric artists like Prince, more rappers, whether they admit or not, have been rocking their girlfriend’s gear more than ever. Check out this collection of rappers dressed in women’s clothing in the gallery.

Do you co-sign these fashion choices? Let us know whether you do or not in the comments.

Photos: AP, Instagram

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