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Chief Keef needs guidance. Yesterday, Katy Perry tweeted about being dismayed at hearing Sosa’s “Hate Bein’ Sober” on the radio. The 17-year-old Chicago rapper has responded in kind today (May 23) by telling her to “s-ck his d-ck.” 

Actually, it was bit more gratuitous than that. “Dat b-tch Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off Of my D-ck,” read his tweet.

But the “I Don’t Like” rapper wasn’t done.  “Ill Smack The Sh-t out her,” he added.

Yesterday, Perry tweeted, “Just heard a new song on the radio called “I hate being sober” I now have serious doubt for the world.” Definitely not cool if you’re a Chief Keef acolyte, but certainly not worthy of physical threats.

We would could act like we’re shocked at such behavior, but who are we kidding? This is the same guy that posted a pic of a chick giving him sloppy toppy on his Instagram and was just arrested for puffing kush in his hotel room.

So at this point, what’s it going to take to get Keef to adjust his behavior? If the feminists rally behind this (he threatened a Pop star, that’s not going to go over well) and say, start pressuring his label to drop him, maybe he’ll realize the err of his ways. Rappers always switch up when something starts affecting their cash flow, ask Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

The fact that soon enough we will see a rap song with the words “Katy Perry Dis” shows how coontastic this all is.

Check out the tweets in the gallery. Someone get this guy a real father figure, if it’s not too late.


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