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Directors Allen and Albert Hughes’ polarizing 1993 classic Menace II Society saw it’s 20th anniversary last week. Tyrin Turner, better known as “Caine,” sat down with Sway and rapper Consequence on this week’s installment of MTV Rap Fix to discuss the film’s effect on culture overall.

Turner admits that he didn’t foresee the impact the film would ultimately have. “What’s funny is that I auditioned for Boyz n the Hood first,” he revealed.

Being turned down for the role of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Tre Styles ultimately led to him receiving a call from the Hughes brothers to play Caine.

Sway also asked about the atmosphere on set, which he undoubtedly based on the stories surrounding Tupac Shakur‘s infamous departure from the cast.

“I remember when we first was doing it with Tupac, when he was supposed to be Sharif,” Turner said. “A lot of people thought that he was supposed to be Caine or O-Dog, but that was never the case.”

According to Turner, the Death Row rapper complained that there wasn’t enough of him in the character. As most will recall, this sparked a dispute with the directors that got him axed from the staff and later escalated into a physical altercation.

After watching the interview, it’s hard to believe that Caine and O-Dog were introduced to the world so long ago.

Nevertheless, Menace II Society has rightfully surpassed the “hood classic” grouping and may very well be the most accurate depiction of life in Los Angeles in the early 90s.

See the full sit down below. Also hit the following page to watch Larenze Tate discuss playing O-Dog.

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