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Conrad Murray is crazy. There, we said it. Not to slander so openly (we tend to hide our jabs in cleverly written word play) but this case deserves special attention.

Murray is serving a four-year manslaughter sentence for his part in the death of Michael Jackson, and dude refuses to chill. The next few years in human captivity should give him enough inner turmoil to drop a mixtape (that’s how the rappers do it), but he’s more interested in making everybody uncomfortable.

Paris Jackson, the King of Pop’s only daughter, reportedly attempted suicide earlier in the week. The 15-year-old was hospitalized on a 5150 psychiatric hold after downing pills and trying to slice her arm with a meat clever. Who reached out with a “you are not alone” message? The creeper formerly known as Dr. Murray.

The last thing Paris needs in her recovery process is a phone call from the man accused of giving her father nightly doses of the drug that led to his death.

Conrad Murray clearly has no chill button, but he needs to find one. Check out 10 reason why below.


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