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Foxy Brown’s chapter in Hip-Hop history isn’t up for debate. The “Ill Na Na” ushered in a new era of chocolate beauty, raunchy raps, sky-high heels, and low-cut shirts; paving the way for Nicki Minaj’s daring outfits and gratuitous body shots

She was similar to, yet nothing like, her rival Lil Kim and equally as important in the story of female rap. But it’s been a bumpy ride, to say the least.

In the years since her debut, Brown’s had trouble taming her temper, served time in jail, and lost her hearing. With so many things to discuss, her appearance on the latest episode of The Combat Jack show was packed to the brim with content—and extremely, extremely awkward.

For over an hour Brown broke down, perked up, laughed, and stuttered through the revealing interview.

We don’t know what was going on, nor are we inferring anything in particular, just pointing out a few hard to swallow moments.

Get into them below.

Photo: NY Daily News

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