The Hip-Hop genre is no longer the staunchly regulated boy's club of the '80s and early '90s. The framework set in place by trailblazing artists like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah has allowed, in part, for the empowerment of women in rap today.

It’s been a big year for rapper Flo Milli. The 20 year old released her debut project, Ho Why Is You Here with the support of raps current queens. On the day of her debut, timelines went wild.  Forget all the tropes held about women in hip hop or even about musicians whose first exposure is through social media. Flo Milli is here to flip them all.

Jermaine Dupri caught an avalanche of slander from a bevy of women rappers after he criticized them and compared them to being like strippers. After getting a strong lesson on women in the game that can do whatever they want in music just like the men are allowed, the veteran Atlanta producer announced the launch […]

Drake‘s smash hit “In My Feelings” is gearing up to be the song of the summer, with viral dance challenges and such making national news for the right and wrong reasons. While the mysterious “Keke” or “Kiki” has gotten much of the audio spotlight, the Miami rappers JT and Resha, the other women mentioned in […]

Despite her antics and erratic behavior, Azealia Banks has shown signs of brilliance in the booth over the course of her career. The hot-tempered Harlem artist took notice of her position in the game and called herself the most influential female rapper since Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to silence any and all talk that there's a growing feud between her and Cardi B, adding again her sexism in Rap angle.

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter this week to shout down sexism in Hip-Hop while also suggesting her collaborations with top male MCs were forced.

Nicki Minaj went on her Instagram page to blast blogs and websites for misquoting her by saying she claimed to have brought women rappers to the mainstream.

Nicki Minaj sat down with XXL for its 20th-anniversary cover story issue and explained that her success made it possible for other women rappers to emerge.

Today, August 26, is Women’s Equality Day and the 95th anniversary women earned the right to vote in this country.

Earlier in the year, Hip-Hop Wired presented the world with a definitive list for the best female rappers every to cold rock a microphone.

It has been a long time coming but with all the platinum plaques and mounting accolades, female rappers have finally earned enough clout to be known for emceeing more than their estrogen.