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Honoree: Flo Milli

The Grind: Rapper

Find Her: @flomilli

It’s been a big year for rapper Flo Milli. The 20 year old released her debut project, Ho Why Is You Here with the support of raps current queens. On the day of her debut, timelines went wild.  Forget all the tropes held about women in hip hop or even about musicians whose first exposure is through social media. Flo Milli is here to flip them all.

Maybe it was the fast-paced beats she chose, or her catchy hooks, but in 2019 Flo Milli’s “Beef FloMix” and “In The Party” were TikTok’s newest viral sounds. In both, the rapper brought the confidence, the wit, and the brazenness. In her freshman project, Flo Milli keeps the same formula. The 12 single project includes her two viral hits and a collection of boastful, bratty punchlines that can serve as the coldest IG captions. Fights, friendship, family, and feminine energy take centerstage, and the Mobile, Alabama native doesn’t offer a single apology, and she shouldn’t.

It’s refreshing to listen to Flo Milli. She comfortably crosses worlds and owns her beauty and sexuality. In “Weak” she flips an R&B classic about being so in love you’re defenseless to a song about stepping up or getting shut down. This is the energy we like. Still early in her career, FloMilli is a fan and artist favorite, and is even getting recognition in the industry with a BET Hip Hop Award nomination. With her project only a few months old, we will be hearing a lot more of Flo Milli this year, and beyond.

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Creative Class 2020 Header and Logo Images