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“We had it ready to go on New Years, but we didn’t have the Nas verses yet and people had been waiting so long that we didn’t wanna do it like that.”

Leave it to Nas to keep material on hold.  First it was waiting on a verse on Raekwon’s Only Bulit 4 Cuban Linx 2, to recreate “Verbal Intercourse”, then an alleged verse for Jay Z and now Jay Electronica with Act II: The Turn (Patients of Nobility).

As Hip Hop waited for the project between Jay Electronica and Just Blaze to drop on New Year’s and it didn’t, one of the reasons has finally come to the surface.

There is hope, however, as the duo were finally able to grab what they needed from Nas and finish the project, which they say is done and should actually be dropping any day now.  They are already in the process of creating another project.

Catching up with DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion radio, the duo also spoke on a three way deal with Decon and Electronica’s audio-visual project and trying to maintain the independence that they have built such momentum from.

“We started this out independently, so before we get into bed really with even entertaining any majors, we want to finish this grind independently cause that’s where it started at.  Some people that start out indie, somebody throws a million dollars at them and they jump.  It’s like, ‘I don’t need your million dollars.’  We good.

Jay also addresses his rant on Twitter which was actually just some line taken from his song “Swagger Jackson’s Revenge” and dealing with those that choose to bring negativity in his direction.

“I’m the kind of dude [where] I feel like I always come in peace.  You don’t have to like me, but I come in peace.  We don’t have to like each other, but peace.  So if you at a show sayin ‘Boo’ in the audience, Fawk Me?  Fawk You because I come in peace.”