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A Utah man who used his “long john” to try and save a woman’s life has been charged with s-xual assault.  The suspect stands accused of physically assaulting a neighbor, but believes it was a “life or death” situation because she was passed out cold and needed to be warmed up.

Police have arrested and charged Roger William Kelly, 50, for the alleged s-xual assault that took place in St. George on May 19.

Kelly reported seeing his neighbor, a 29-year-old woman, lying unconscious on the front porch of her apartment. In his best effort to “save her life,” he took her inside his apartment, placed her on his bed, and proceeded to take her clothes off.

When the police arrived Kelly was giving the woman CPR but during the attempted “rescue,” Kelly believed that inserting his man stick into the equation would keep the woman warm. He told the authorities he was trying to save her life since she had been lying outside. Police wrote a probable cause statement saying the suspect “attempted intercourse to keep her temperature up.” (Also, a better way to “warm” her up could have been done by keeping her clothes on.)

Kelly confessed that he and the woman had  s-xual history but admitted that she previously decided to cease all intimacy with him.  When the woman finally came to, she reported to police that there was a chance she was penetrated without her consent, after finding bruises on her upper thighs and pelvic area.

Unfortunately for Kelly, his heroic efforts accounted for a first-degree felony on the basis of a forced s-xual assault. He was arrested Friday (June 7) and charged Monday (June 10) with his bail set at $25,000.


Photo:  JD Journal