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Hot Boy rapper Turk isn’t trying to bite the hand that once fed him. The former Cash Money artist says that previous reports that he basically called Lil Wayne a dope fiend were the result of his words being taken out of context. 

Reports TMZ:

Lil Wayne’s former bandmate says the media got it twisted … he did NOT say Weezy is or was strung out on drugs and tells TMZ there’s nothing but love between them.

Rapper Turk — who performed with Wayne in the ’90s group Hot Boys — was asked about Wayne’s erratic behavior during a podcast interview last week, and said … “I used to do heroin, cocaine … So the only thing I can say about that situation is when you’re under the influence … anything can come out your mouth.”

Several websites took the comment as a shot at Lil Wayne — but Turk wants to make it clear … “Not one time did I say that Lil Wayne is on drugs. I was talking about myself having a drug problem in the past and what my problem personally was.”

Turk says when the story blew up he immediately reached out to tell Weezy his words had been “misconstrued” … and they squashed the whole mess.

In October 2012, Turk was released from prison after serving an almost nine year bid. Earlier this year, he released a mixtape called Blame It On The System.

Listen to the interview with G14’s “The Cut” that spawned this controversy below and tell us if you believe Turk in the comments.

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