DMX recently left prison for his tax-related sentence and is now embarking on a media run since going free. Sitting down with 92.3’s Big Boy, the X Man says that many acts of the current scene are promoting drug use.


The so-called war against drugs has been an ongoing struggle to determine the best course of treatment for abuse and how to legally address the epidemic of high drug use across the country. However, a new call by parents of a rising number of heroin users suggests a kinder approach to the drug war compared […]

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Florida is the gift that keeps on giving. The latest bizarre news to arise from the Sunshine State involves a city official who was arrested for methamphetamine possession, and was later discovered to have a pipe hidden in his rectum.

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Hot Boy rapper Turk isn’t trying to bite the hand that once fed him. The former Cash Money artist says that previous reports that he basically called Lil Wayne a dope fiend were the result of his words being taken out of context. 


Hip-Hop and drug use is hardly a brand new trend, considering Dr. Dre’s solo debut LP The Chronic, which celebrated weed use, is approaching its 20th year anniversary this coming winter. Yet it seems that beyond the green leaf, coke, PCP and even acid use has been mentioned more than casually over time by a […]