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Celebrity Sightings in New York City - November;30, 2017

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DMX recently left prison for his tax-related sentence and is now embarking on a media run since going free. Sitting down with 92.3’s Big Boy, the X Man says that many acts of the current scene are promoting drug use.

During the conversation, Big Boy asks X if artists in his field have a duty to represent the music and culture the right way, but both agreed that the misrepresentation of the culture can and has to be flipped.

“Whoever can, not just myself,” DMX said regarding who could bring about change. “But whoever has the ability to, first, the insight to see it and the talent and the ability to, you know, do the right thing. It’s all of our responsibility.”

As the conversation went on, Big Boy made mention of what artists today are putting into the marketplace and the activities it inspires.

“They’re all promoting drug use,” X replied. “If that’s what you wanna do, that’s your business, but you ain’t gotta promote it like it’s cool and make it cool.”

Check out the clip from the chat below.

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